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1st Place, 2D

Passages, Marian Zielinski

1st Place (1), Photography

Macon Terminal Station, T.D. Fields

1st Place (2), Photography

River Overlook, T.F. Fields

1st Place (3), Photography

Old Fire Station, T.F. Fields

2nd Place, 2D

Orange Sea, Terri Bennett

2nd Place, Photography

Defending Vicksburg, Evelyn Shimek

3rd Place, 2D

Corner Store, Daly Smith

3rd Place, Photography

St. Joseph's, Glenn Grossman

HM, 2D

Building 18, Phyllis Thiessen

HM, Photography

Mulberry Street, Glenn Grossman

A Slice of Sky

Martha Clayton Lee

Abbaye de Senanque

Abstracted Alley

Daly Smith

Bombed Dresden

Ivan Chmelo


Ivan Chmelo

Coast Cottages

Lee Murphey

Doors of Mariupol

Martha Clayton Lee


Phyllis Thiessen

Farm Buildings

Daly Smith

Gaudi Anthromorphic Shapes

Cynthia P. Robertson

Italian Fishing Village

Allan Carey

Lawrence Mayer

Martha H. Tisdale

Midnight on Cotton Avenue

Rod Whyte

My Grandma's House

Allan Carey

Nature's Architect

Alice Fountain

Neighborhood House

Allan Carey

Old Homestead

Pat Harmeyer

Sunset Barn

Randy Sanders

The Door is Always Open

Deonna Hendrix

The Sidney Lanier

Cathy Compton

Time Flies

Martha Clayton Lee

Tuscan Terrace

Lee Murphey

Villa Albicini

Glenn Grossman


Ivan Chmelo

Washington Monument

Rick Larabee

Wood Mosaic

Randy Sanders